What is ZDEC SCN File? How to Make SCN File for Your LED Screen?

Author: Date:5/25/2014 7:20:51 AM

     ZDEC SCN file is the file you get after you do Screen Connection on ZDEC configuration software LED Manager. SCN is short for screen connection, which means that connecting the cabinets into a whole screen. In this way, the LED screen will show a whole image, rather many copy images. 

    How to make SCN file for your LED screen? We take a 2.88x0.96m P10 LED screen composed of 4x3m pcs of cabinets as an example. The right bottom cabinet is the first cabinet you connect with sending card or sending box. Now we give you the basic steps as below.
     1)Open software LED Manager 2010------>Settings------>Software Settings------>type “zdec”on your keyboard------>input password “168”------>Screen Connection.
     2)LED Screen Qty, select 1 or more according to the order of your screen, update------->Type, choose the type of your screen, usually, we choose ”Real Pixel Screen” for P10 LED screen------>Horizontal Card, input 4, Vertical Card, input 3------>Click the right bottom cabinet, Width, input 96, Height input 96 ------->Click other cabinets according to the real signal cable connection you connect between the cabinets, usually, it is a Z style.
     3)Click “Send to RV Card”-------> Click “Save to RV Card”------>Save to File, save the file for future use.

      If you can not make the SCN file your LED screen, you can contact us for support. 

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