P6 SMD3528 Indoor Commercial LED Display Board

P6 SMD3528 Indoor Commercial LED Display Board P6 SMD3528 Indoor Commercial LED Display Board P6 SMD3528 Indoor Commercial LED Display Board

Product name:P6 SMD3528 Indoor Commercial LED Display Board



1) Wide viewing angles. Both the horizontal viewing angle and vertical viewing angle can reach 120 degrees.
2) Good color and brightness conformity. The LED chip is sorted by 2.5nm, while the chip brightness 
difference is within 10%.
3) Small gaps between modules and perfect screen flatness. The gaps between modules are smaller than 
1 mm and screen flatness is less than 1 mm.
4) Different cabinet styles are available, such as fixed installation style, rental hanging style, ultra-thin style, 
front-maintained style and front-serviceable style with magnets.

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1) LED Package: SMD3528
2) Pixel Pitch: 6 mm
3) Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B
4) Density:27777 pixels/㎡
5) Module Size: 192*96mm
6) Cabinet Size: 960*768mm
7) Cabinet Material: Steel; Aluminum
8) Cabinet Weight: ≈33KG; 23KG
9) Brightness: ≥1800cd/㎡
10) View Angle: 120°(Horizontal); 120°(Vertical)
11) Driving Mode: Constant current, 1/8 duty
12) Refresh Frequency: ≥1200Hz
13) Max. Power Consumption: 814 W/㎡
14) Working Temperature: -20°C~+60°C
15) Life Time: more than 100,000 hours

P6 SMD3528 Indoor Commercial LED Display Board Specification


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